Mr. Hochreiter represents clients involved with the Passaic River (NJ), Portland Harbor (OR), and Gowanus Canal (NY) NPL-River-System sites.

Example projects include:

  • Representing a ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling company (through outside counsel, Landye Bennett) in the Portland Harbor (OR) NPL site allocation process.
  • Representing a former electrical cable manufacturer (through outside counsel, DiFrancesco Bateman) in the Gowanus Canal (NY) NPL site allocation process.
  • Represented three separate industrial clients identified by the Study Group of the Passaic River-System NPL site as new potentially responsible parties. In each case, SEC researched the technical merits of claims made by the Study Group and developed the scientific analysis needed for these clients to evaluate the merits of their respective claims.
  • Served on several “super” due diligence teams that were constructed to evaluate the acquisition targets of a Fortune 100 company. Our team would evaluate the environmental compliance and liabilities of each target company. One such team worked with the law firm of Sidley and Austin to evaluate and quantify environmental liabilities at 133 chemical manufacturing facilities (both U.S. and international) in 60 days. The team quantified reservable liabilities, non-reservable “tails,” and evaluated numerous risk management issues.
  • Provided guidance to a Fortune 50 company regarding their New Jersey portfolio of sites (including remediation system evaluation, NRD strategies, and decision-free analysis to develop exit strategies).
  • Working with PRP Committees at NPL sites to manage PRP interactions, technical and administrative site management, exit strategy development, and OM&M optimization.
  • Periodically assisting incumbent environmental consultants (either at the direction of the client or the consultant, including LSRPs) to identify and implement the optimum remedy for contaminated sites.