Senior Environmental Consulting has developed alliances with several key environmental professionals, working either as sole practitioners or as part of larger firms. These alliances enable SEC to accomplish a greater range of work than could be typically performed by a sole practitioner.

The following environmental firms are populated with professionals with whom I’ve previously worked. These firms are SEC’s Strategic Partners, with cooperative working agreements currently in place that allow us to work together on an as-needed basis while maintaining the full independence and confidentiality of our respective firms:

Geo-Logos, LLC – Sole proprietorship of Valerie Holliday, PG, CPG, of Berwyn, PA who specializes in New Jersey regulatory compliance programs, environmental forensics, work product expert services in support of litigation, and complex site geology. Ms. Holliday is the primary “go to” person for most of SEC’s project to website

Integral Consulting, Inc. – applies science and engineering expertise across a wide range of public and private to website

Services Environmental, Inc. – A consulting firm in Phoenixville, PA providing expertise in site investigation/remediation, contaminant transport analysis, database management, and advanced hydrogeology. Other services include waste management and environmental assessments for property to website

Roux Associates – A full-service science and engineering consulting firm with offices throughout the eastern to website

Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. – A full-service environmental consulting firm with expertise in the application of innovative technologies for the remediation of soil and to website

SESI Consulting Engineers – Provides comprehensive geotechnical engineering services, along with a full range of civil engineering and environmental services. link to website

Code Environmental Services, Inc. – A full-service environmental and hazardous waste remediation to website

Environmental Standards, Inc. – Provides SEC with Environmental Chemistry and Forensics Services through Mr. Hochreiter’s 20+ year professional relationship with David Blye, CEAC, Principal at to website

GEI Consultants, Inc. – A full-service science and engineering consulting firm with offices throughout the United States. link to website

MAB Environmental Consulting, LLC – Michael Barbara is an independent consultant with over 35 years of experience providing strategic environmental consulting services for a wide spectrum of clients across all business and industry sectors. link to website